Direct Sales Tips – The Best Direct Sales Companies


Share Are you thinking about getting in to direct selling? Are you already in direct selling and not sure if you are representing a great direct selling company? Good direct sales companies are few and far between, so let us give you a list of qualities to look for when looking for good direct sales […]

Direct Sales Opportunity: Is It Right For You?


Share Working as a direct sales consultant, direct sales rep, or whatever else direct sales companies call their salespeople, is not for everyone. Direct sales does take commitment, dedication, and time. Then why would someone want to take a position in direct sales? What is the direct sales opportunity? The opportunity that direct sales position brings to the table is […]

Work at Home Moms – Turning Hobbies Into Cash


Share There are over 10 million women owned home-based businesses in the United States. Many of them are small niche sites owned by work at home moms. Women are utilizing the internet to turn their small hobbies into big cash. This has been happening more and more the last couple of years women in online business is becoming […]

Tax Tips for Small Business Owners


Share  Every year dozens of new tax laws are put in place that give birth to new deductions and credits, while others expire. A well informed tax preparer should know all of these updates and inform you of them, but do not leave everything to them. Keeping yourself up-to-date as well will ensure that you […]

MLM Success and the Law of Attraction


Share It would be a disservice not to take some time to address the impact of the Law of Attraction on the level of MLM Success one can achieve. Regardless of how you conceptualize the workings of this law, whether merely as a psychological process or spiritual one, it would be wise to give it […]