MLM Success and the Law of Attraction

It would be a disservice not to take some time to address the impact of the Law of Attraction on the level of MLM Success one can achieve. Regardless of how you conceptualize the workings of this law, whether merely as a psychological process or spiritual one, it would be wise to give it some attention.

Have you ever landed on a website just to be assaulted by ads, pop-ups and flashing buttons desperately trying to get you to click on something to capture a dollar? What was your reaction?

Have you ever opened an article just to find out that the title was deceptive and it was really just one big sales pitch for whatever the author was trying to desperately pitch? Did you decide to join their opportunity?

Could this be the Law of Attraction at work?

As Network Marketers we are extremely focused on success… You have to have respect for anyone in this industry as it shows that they are part of the few people actually working to achieve their dreams. So many in our society don’t even try.

However… You have to ask yourself whether your communications are sending the right message. Do they really communicate success or desperation?

The Law of attraction is a way of saying “like attracts like” or “what you put out you will see in return.” For example, someone always looking for a fight will usually find one!

Additionally the Law indicates that every subject is really two subjects. This is important to our discussion of MLM Success because many who are looking for success are really desperately trying not to fail.

There is a huge difference in the “energy” of these two subjects.

Success & Failure are intertwined really being two sides of the same coin. So many in this industry are struggling, frustrated, desperate, tired and discouraged and yet they continue to fight, they continue to push …and they still see no success.

You really do have to admire the effort but there is an easier way.

Instead of fighting to paddle upstream to the land of failure wouldn’t it be nice to let the current take you downstream to the land of success! That is where you are trying to get to is it not?

How do you know what you are attracting? Simply ask yourself how you feel in this very moment. Do you feel abundantly successful?

Which brings us to HOPE. Many do sit down in front of their computers feeling hopeful that their efforts will see results but hope is also an uncertain and future vibration.

SUCCESS is a confident and present tense feeling. Unless you first feel successful you will never be able to create the MLM success you are looking for.

Hope attracts hope. Success attracts success.

Whether we are discussing an immutable law of the Universe or a self fulfilling prophesy is a mute point. The evidence is clear… ask yourself how you feel and then ask yourself if the results you have seen match.

Do you want to change your results? Then you absolutely must first change the way you feel.There is no other way around it. You cannot create success feeling frustration or any of the other negative emotions.

MLM Success is about, what you think, how you feel, what you believe, who you are and finally what you do. Everyone starts with action, yes action is necessary but only after you have addressed your internal reality will you see positive results from your efforts.

There is absolutely nothing outside yourself holding you back from the MLM success you are looking for. The Universe is abundant, opportunity abounds in every direction. This is a multi-billion dollar industry.

I know what you’re thinking but…the current economic situation is only an indication of mass consciousness…you do not need to accept a poverty mindset just because everyone else has.

For example…Amway Global signs up twelve thousand new distributors a day! With a 95% failure rate imagine the number of people out there from this one prospect pool that are in need of your help!

BECOME an MLM Leader by virtue of who you are and the success will manifest.

The opportunity is there! All the success you are looking for is right there.

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About Carol Ferrier
Having spent many years as a stay at home mother, it was quite a difficult decision to have to take a job to make ends meet when my sons were in junior high and high school. I had prided myself on carefully using our families’ financial resources to ensure they stretched as far a possible but even that was not enough. (To console myself I told myself it wasn’t so bad and that they didn’t need me as they did when they were younger.) It was frustrating to have my boss schedule me week after week to work during the only time my family had free time. Even after being promoted to management, instead of having more time I had even less to spend with those I loved the most. Looking for a way to be at home and also help with our finances led me to look at something quite new to me as an option…Network Marketing. We jumped in enthusiastically working, and just as our partners promised our check grew to a significant amount. It was a wonderful experience to finally get paid on our efforts and not on the fixed income a boss determined. Along the way we also learned that it made a difference which company you partnered with, whether the leadership of the company had vision, ethics and a determination to keep the companies distributors interests at heart. Today we have a 5 figure a month income that is steadily growing and we have been able to move into the home we only a few short years ago only dreamed about. Working from home together allows us the time to travel, work and play together. Today it is such a joy to help others develop their own flourishing home business, in the hopes that they can stay home with their family if they so desire. Because of this amazing industry we have been able to take fabulous trips around the world, experiencing amazing moments together. A special tradition we have had over the past 7 years is being able to take our trip to Hawaii yearly with our grandson. It was another magical time, together on the beach, snorkeling, luaus and rich cultural experiences. What fun we had!! Thinking back on the many years I put in for past bosses I get so much satisfaction now because I am able to spend my time building our dreams as we gather together with dear friends and business associates… how wonderful to be able to work and play with those we call our business partners and friends.

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