Are You Setting Smart Goals?


Share I am going to be bold and state that everyone sets goals. But, there is a vast difference between achievers, smart goal setting, and simply setting goals. I want to ask you a question – are you doing smart goal setting when setting goals? Join me as I show you how you can start […]

How to Build a MLM Business Even if You Have No Time


Share What is a network marketing business? As a general explanation, it is a technique of marketing that employs representatives to reach their potential customers. Take the example that there is a business network. It may agree to meet weekly with the goal to exchange business that may lead to referrals with its fellow members. […]

The Difference Between Hard Selling and Networking


Share For many people the word “networking” has a negative connotation. This is in part due to the fact that many salesmen abuse networking to push their products or services. So let’s take a deeper look into the difference between (hard) selling and networking to solve some of the misunderstandings about networking. The main difference […]

Types of Part Time Franchises


Share Though there are numerous instances of franchisors providing a part-time franchise opportunity to interested franchisees, there are some arenas which are more lucrative part-time franchise options and have thrived exceptionally well. As an amateur franchisee, you may try out these arenas to start up on your part-time franchise business career. We have listed the most popular […]

Direct Sales: How I Bought Mom and Dad a Mansion


Share Direct sales isn’t a get rich quick business of but you cannot ignore the numbers; it’s highly profitable and an extremely lucrative business entity once you’ve established your foundation. In direct sales you receive payment from a new affiliate up front and then the company receives their cut. The sale of products or services […]